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Month: April 2021

How COVID-19 Can damage Your Lungs In Short And Long Term

Apr 30, 2021

COVID-19 affects an individual’s respiratory system in a variety of different ways. There is a wide spectrum of severity from this disease and this is dependant upon an individual’s immune system, age, and overall health. The systems they experience can range from mild symptoms such as having a cough, having shortness of breath, and fever, […]

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Do You Need to See a Sleep Apnea Specialist?

Apr 15, 2021

Sleep apnea can majorly impact your life. However, many patients don’t even realize they have this condition! Of course, since symptoms happen while a person is asleep, it can be hard to tell what you are experiencing. A sleep apnea specialist can evaluate your symptoms and help you find relief. Read on to learn who […]

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