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Are Your Ears Ringing Due To High Blood Pressure?

Nov 15, 2022 | Blog

You may not know this, but many times auditory canal also shows symptoms of an overworking heart. The most common sign has tinnitus or ringing in the ears due to high blood pressure. Tinnitus is a constant tingling sound that is originated from your body and only you can hear it.

The connection between Ringing in Ears and High Blood Pressure

The auditory canal, or your ears, are complex and delicate structures containing millions of blood vessels flowing through them which help them in hearing. High blood pressure adversely affects the vessels of the ear and results in a ringing sensation.

Does High Blood Pressure Medication Cause ringing in the ears?

Medications that you take for high BP can result in ear ringing (tinnitus). Two of the most commonly used drugs include loop diuretics and aspirin (blood thinners) to low down BP. According to doctors, blood thinners can lead to temporary tinnitus which is reversible as soon as the medication stops.

One thing you must know is that this symptom shows up in people who take high doses of BP medicine to experience tinnitus.

Since the issue is reversible, you can check whether the ringing in your ears is due to high blood pressure medication or not.Just stop using it for a while and observe the change.

How to stop ringing in the ears from high blood pressure?

Treating your high BP issues helps get rid of ears ringing. You can do the following to deal with the situation.

  1. Diet modifications
  2. Exercise routine
  3. Lifestyle changes
  4. Medication

6 Tips to deal With Tinnitus

Get rid of caffeine, as it is directly linked with increased blood pressure. Moreover, eradicating this will improve sleep, bringing blood down to regular circulation.

Sleeping Patterns

Getting adequate sleep can help avoid the risk of tinnitus, along with other health benefits.

Steer clear from alcohol

Drinking and being under the influence heightens your blood pressure, making the ringing more prominent in many people.


Controlling allergic triggers can help avoid infections and colds that can help with ear ring.


It is known that earwax is helpful since it helps entrap the dirt and dust that comes from the outside. However, if the levels go out of control, it can result in tinnitus.

Jaw pop

Jaw popping and TMJ have very common symptoms, that is, ringing of the ears. Therefore, treating jaw pain might ease the issue.

Loud Noises

Bearing loud noises while having tinnitus can worsen the sounds you already hear internally. It is better to stay away from sites that are bound to have a loud decibel noise level such as construction sites.

Final Words

It is important to understand the root cause of your issue. Get in touch with the experts from Pulmonary Medical Consultants in Cypress Texas to know what actions you can take to deal with tinnitus due to high blood pressure. Head to our office situated on FRY road Suite in Cypress TX. Dial (281) 357-1300 to make an appointment.


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