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4 Exercises To Help With COPD

Apr 30, 2022

COPD can bring with it shortness of breath. Thus, it is important to perform breathing exercises to strengthen the lungs. These exercises will aid you in taking air in and dealing with shortness of breath. Keep reading to get familiar with some breathing exercises for COPD. Breathing Exercises for COPD The breathing exercises for COPD […]

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7 Causes of Shortness of Breath After Eating

Apr 15, 2022

Wheezing or shortness of breath after eating is not very common. It is a discomforting situation, and there are many health conditions linked to it. However, the issues may not be severe and can be dealt with easily. When you eat, you need to breathe; just like any other function, chewing and digesting food requires […]

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Upper Back Pain During Breathing – Should I Be Worried?

Mar 15, 2022

Upper back pain while breathing can serve as an indicator for a wide variety of issues, including infections, trauma, or even heart abnormalities. It may not seem important but getting a medical professional’s opinion is the best route. Since there are various causes of this issue, looking for other signs and symptoms will help properly […]

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My Back Hurts When I Breathe – 8 Reasons For Your Discomfort

Feb 28, 2022

If you suffer from backache while breathing, you must wonder that your lungs are anatomically located in front – the chest area, so “why my back hurts when I breathe.” If we dig in a little deeper in the lung structure, there is a dedicated place and space for it to expand and relax – […]

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9 Effective Ways To Deal With Phlegm Production After Eating

Feb 15, 2022

Coughing after eating is not uncommon; it is a preliminary response your body shows for trying to clear the airway passage, especially after meals. Occasional coughing is fine, but phlegm after eating every meal might throw you off; let’s dig a little deeper into this issue. Coughing is considered an indicator of an underlying condition; […]

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Is It Common Cold Or Covid-19, What Is Your Mucus Trying To Tell?

Jan 15, 2022

It has become increasingly difficult to distinguish between regular allergies, common cold, and covid-19. Millions of Americans experience seasonal allergies or related problems every single day. One of the many issues these conditions bring along is mucus or phlegm production. With an increasing number of cases, the paranoia is increasing too. Since covid is similar […]

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