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My Back Hurts When I Breathe – 8 Reasons For Your Discomfort

Feb 28, 2022

If you suffer from backache while breathing, you must wonder that your lungs are anatomically located in front – the chest area, so “why my back hurts when I breathe.” If we dig in a little deeper in the lung structure, there is a dedicated place and space for it to expand and relax – […]

9 Effective Ways To Deal With Phlegm Production After Eating

Feb 15, 2022

Coughing after eating is not uncommon; it is a preliminary response your body shows for trying to clear the airway passage, especially after meals. Occasional coughing is fine, but phlegm after eating every meal might throw you off; let’s dig a little deeper into this issue. Coughing is considered an indicator of an underlying condition; […]

Is It Common Cold Or Covid-19, What Is Your Mucus Trying To Tell?

Jan 15, 2022

It has become increasingly difficult to distinguish between regular allergies, common cold, and covid-19. Millions of Americans experience seasonal allergies or related problems every single day. One of the many issues these conditions bring along is mucus or phlegm production. With an increasing number of cases, the paranoia is increasing too. Since covid is similar […]

Does Asthma Go Away? Or Does It Require Lifelong Treatment?

Dec 30, 2021

In 2019, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimated that 25.1 million people have asthma in the United States, with 5.1 million under 18. But recently diagnosed people may not know: does asthma go away? Or does it require lifelong treatment? This article will discuss the nature of this lung condition and whether […]

Bronchitis vs Pneumonia | Differences, Diagnosis and Treatment

Dec 15, 2021

A lung infection is a very unpleasant experience. Characterized by common symptoms such as coughing, wheezing, and difficulty breathing, the many types of lung conditions – though equally debilitating – can be difficult to tell apart. Bronchitis vs pneumonia, for example, are two conditions that can be challenging to differentiate. In this article, we’ll look […]

Shortness of Breath and Dizziness, Should I Be Worried About It?

Nov 30, 2021

Shortness of breath and dizziness are two things that almost everyone has been through in their lives at least once. There are various reasons for these issues to occur, ranging from asthma, and stress to anemia. These issues do not mean that you take a hike to the emergency room every time. However, dizziness and […]

Tossing on The Bed During Sleep?

Nov 15, 2021

The phrase beauty sleep is legit. If you toss, turn, or generally can’t stop moving in your sleep, you may have a condition known as insomnia. If the sleeping pattern is disturbed in continuity, these issues may progress to dark circles and fine lines on the face; what a nightmare! Spending the whole night in […]

Can I Lower My Diastolic Blood Pressure Naturally?

Oct 30, 2021

As you advance in life, your body will develop different health issues. One of which is changes in blood pressure. The normal range is 120/80; you may fall lower or go higher. Systolic and diastolic pressures collectively make up total blood pressure. To get it back in range, you can’t just lower diastolic pressure alone. […]

Do You Have A Cough That Won’t Go Away? Maybe It’s Time To See A Doctor

Oct 15, 2021

Different medical conditions can be responsible for cough, like pulmonary disease and asthma that need medical help. If your cough doesn’t go away even after three weeks or more, you should immediately see a pulmonologist. Irritated airways or lungs are the reason people cough. It often happens due to the common cold, and you can […]

Should You Be Worried About Upper back pain between shoulder blades?

Sep 30, 2021

An issue with spine, injury, or bad posture can all result in pain between shoulder blades. Muscle strain is the common cause of upper back pain between the shoulders. Here are the common causes and treatments: Exercise Some sports or exercises such as weight lifting, throwing a ball overhead, or specific swimming strokes can cause […]


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