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Do You Need to See a Sleep Apnea Specialist?

Apr 15, 2021 | Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea can majorly impact your life. However, many patients don’t even realize they have this condition! Of course, since symptoms happen while a person is asleep, it can be hard to tell what you are experiencing. A sleep apnea specialist can evaluate your symptoms and help you find relief. Read on to learn who needs a sleep apnea specialist- and how they can help you finally get a restful night’s sleep.

What is Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is a disorder that causes a person to stop breathing while they are asleep. Patients will usually stop breathing for several seconds, and then snore or gasp for air. This might happen periodically while a person is asleep, or it can go on for most of the night. Of course, this affects the patient’s sleep quality. They may experience fatigue, mood changes, headaches, and a dry mouth/throat during the day. They might also experience insomnia or frequent waking during the night.

Who Needs a Sleep Apnea Specialist?

A sleep apnea specialist can help anyone who thinks they have this disorder. Sleep apnea requires a diagnosis in order to be treated. A specialist can check your symptoms, diagnose you, and help you choose a treatment option. They can also work with your partner to make sure you both have strategies in place for sleeping comfortably.

Benefits of a Home Sleep Test

Specialists can also run home sleep tests, which can be very helpful. Instead of going to a sleep clinic, a home sleep test can diagnose your sleep apnea from your very own bed. This is by far the most comfortable environment for patients. It also helps provide an accurate diagnosis, as you will sleep the way you normally do. After your home sleep test, you will go over the results with your specialist.

Managing Your Symptoms

There are many different ways to manage sleep apnea. For some patients, losing weight or making other lifestyle changes is enough to improve their nighttime breathing. Other patients will need a CPAP machine or another device to help them breathe while sleeping. Regardless of your treatment, your doctor will check your symptoms regularly and switch your treatment plan if needed.

Pulmonary Medical Consultants can help you live well with sleep apnea. We offer home sleep studies and state-of-the-art treatment options. Click the link above to request your appointment online.


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