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Headache From Coughing? It Might Be a Lung Infection

Feb 15, 2021 | Coughing, Headache

Coughs are unpleasant enough without other symptoms. But if you have a headache from coughing, your discomfort is at a whole different level. There are lots of conditions that can give you a headache from coughing. However, lung infections like bronchitis are often to blame. Below, we’ll share more about bronchitis and how you can finally find relief from your cough.

Why Do I Have a Headache From Coughing?

A headache from coughing is usually caused by pressure or straining. The pain will usually begin during a coughing fit and can last for up to several hours afterward. The pain is usually sharp when it starts, but can become a dull, aching pain as it wears on. While coughing commonly causes these headaches, other types of straining such as laughing or crying, can also have the same effect.

Is It a Lung Infection?

Lung infections can cause patients to cough for months at a time. This is because the respiratory system tends to heal slower than other parts of the body. Repeated coughing for a long period can cause a headache from coughing. If you have a cough for longer than six weeks, then list a doctor. You might have an untreated lung infection, such as bronchitis.

When To Seek Emergency Help

Usually, a headache from coughing is nothing to worry about. However, cough headaches can also be more serious. If your headache is accompanied by fainting, dizziness, or numbness, then seek emergency help. You might be dealing with a neurological issue.

Talking to a Lung Specialist

A lung specialist can help you get control of your chronic coughing. Whether you have a lung infection or another issue, your lung specialist will evaluate your breathing and help you find relief. To request an appointment with a lung specialist today, click the link above.


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