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No Inhaler? Here Are 7 Things To Do During An Asthma Attack Without inhaler

Sep 30, 2022 | Blog

Asthmatic patients must always carry their inhalers in case of an emergency. But what if it fails or you lose it? What will happen then? Therefore, it is wise to know what to do for an asthma attack without an inhaler at home or any place else.

What to do for an asthma attack without an inhaler?

An asthma attack is no joke; it needs prompt treatment. However, if you misplace your inhaler by mistake, follow these lifesaving home remedies to deal with an asthma attack without your inhaler.

First and foremost, call for medical help.

As soon as you see that your system is firing up, ask someone to dial 911 immediately for help. Your cough and wheezing won’t get better on their own; you need to do something in the meantime as well.

Sit Straight

It is not wise to lie down as soon as you start acting up. It may seem like a task, but trust us, sitting upright will help open your airways, and bending of any sort won’t do well.

Take Deep, Long Breaths

You must practice focusing on your breathing pattern. Regular practice under normal conditions can always come in handy if the situation gets out of control. Try these methods:

1. The Buteyko method – stay calm and breathe using your nose instead of the mouth. With this practice, the air going in your body will stay warm and moist to help airways become less sensitive.

2. The Papworth method has special breathing patterns. Its focus is more on relaxed breathing. You will use your diaphragm and nose not your chest and mouth.

Practice Composure

When you take long breaths, try calming your mind down as well. Anxiety heightens your erratic response.

Try Honey

It works either way; raw, or you can mix it into a glass of water too. The honey solution will easily eliminate phlegm stuck in your throat to let you breathe better.

Eucalyptus Oil

It is helpful to deal with an asthma attack without an inhaler. Do not use it directly; infuse some drops in a mug of boiled water. You have to breathe in the steam to clear out the blocked airways. It does so by breaking down mucus.

If not that way, put a few drops of eucalyptus oil on a napkin and bring it close to your nose while sleeping for better rest.

Steer Clear of Triggers

Always move out of the place where your attack started to stop asthma wheezing without an inhaler. Something in that area is making your condition worse. Try staying away from these common triggers as much as possible:

  • Pollen
  • Dust
  • Mold
  • Pet dander
  • People that already have common cold
  • Cold air
  • Tobacco smoke
  • Medicinal drugs such as – aspirin, naproxen sodium, beta-blockers, etc.
  • Stress

To Sum It Up

The best practice to deal with an asthmatic attack without an inhaler is to call for medical help. Your doctor will be able to help in a better manner than just going for home remedies. You can get in touch with the best lung doctor for asthma and allergy attacks in Houston on Fry Rd Suite 400 from Pulmonary Medical Consultants. Dial (281) 357-1300 to connect with us.


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