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Why Do I Have Black Specks In Mucus?

Jun 30, 2022 | Blog

Tongue, saliva, urinary flow, poop, and mucus; are some of the natural ways your body starts setting off alarms when any physiological function starts deviating. In this blog, we will discuss one marker, which is the mucus and its role in the body; what does color change, such as black specks in mucus indicate?

Mucus itself in the body is not a sign or symptom of anything wrong happening inside; however, discoloration, particularly dark brown or black specks in mucus while coughing up, can be worrisome. The change you observe in the tint of mucus indicates a physiological deviation.

The purpose of mucus is typically to lubricate the nasal passage and block harmful pollutants from entering the body via the nose. If coughing results in black stuff coming out of your nose, then the reason behind it could be:


Pollutants in the air can turn the mucus dark. But what does air have in it which causes black specks to appear in the mucus? The air consists of particles of industrial grade dirt or chemicals, which change the color of mucus when it goes into the airway.

The change is seen in mucus and sputum when you go to a place with heavy pollution and bad air quality. Luckily this issue is reversible. Once the exposure to pollutants is over, the mucus and phlegm go back to their original color, and no black specks are seen in them.


The air is full of particles that may trigger an adverse response in your body. If any makes its way into your lungs, then it will go into the blood as well. If your body responds to that stimulus, one of the indicators of that reaction is black mucus.

Coal mining

Apart from medical reasons, specific jobs like coal mining can also take a toll on health. If you work at a mine and often find black specks while coughing up, know that it is because of excessive exposure to coal.


The chemicals and tar in those cigarette puffs move in your airways, which makes mucus and phlegm dark or black. Additionally, smoking also results in thick, dense phlegm triggering more coughing.


Large fire soot in your airways can make black specks in your mucus and phlegm. In such conditions, a specialized mask on the nose and mouth covering can help prevent irritants from settling in your airways.

Treating Black Snot

You can easily eliminate the black spots in your mucus by avoiding the pollutants or irritants. In the case of smoking, quitting it is the initial step.

In instances when your phlegm is dense and thick, drinking excess fluids and a humidifier in your house can greatly help loosen the cough and mucus for coughing it out.


If none of the above reasons fall into place and infection is the culprit, you must go for prescription drugs, particularly antibiotics, for a healthy recovery. Make an appointment with the doctor from Pulmonary Medical Consultants at 281 357 1300.


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